Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Target audience research

Audience Profile
age - 12-30
gender - female 93%
Male 7%

Sara Bareille's work has a mellow atmosphere to it, and the majority of her songs include minimal involvement of instruments, it is much more about her voice. As Bareilles is such a talented artist and belonging to the genre that she does, she doesn't tend to use much editing software as she is not going for the 'perfect' finish. Due to this, Bareilles appeals to both a younger and older audience because her songs are just simple and feel good. However she definitely appeals more to women than men, as her main theme throughout her songs are love and breakups etc.

Audience Feedback
we asked a number of friends who enjoy this genre of music to give me some ideas about what they would expect in the music video..

I have found this feedback very helpful and I intend to use a lot of the ideas put forward, for example; the piano, the girl sat at her window and the idea of the man disappearing.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Song Change

As we have had a group change during our planning and research stage we have decided to change our song. we will no longer be creating a music video to the song 'Colder' by 'Harbour' 

The song we are now using is performed by a female alternative rock artist - Sara Bareilles and the title of the song is 'Gravity'.

Monday, 21 October 2013


We also have spoken text whilst performing our pitch to our audience. this is what we said

''We have researched the genre which our song falls in, which is alternative rock. finding out our target audience is non mainstreamists who ages between 18-25 of both genders. Because of our target audience being this age in this society more and more people would have lost someone close to them. this is what our song is about and allows our target audience to relate to the song''

Friday, 18 October 2013

Green screen

We had a look at how artist used green screen and how it all worked. We first had the use of green screen demonstrated to us by our teacher and then had a go at it ourselves. 
Green screen has shown to be very effective in specific music videos I think learning to use it and how it all works has helped me understand the practical side of creating a music video. 
This link below shows how I experimented and played around with the idea of green screen

Technical experiments

Whilst doing our pitch we did a couple of experiments using the camera too give the audience an idea of what kind of technical elements we could use during filming. 
One of the technical elements we used was green screen and have now decided against using this as we did not think it worked effectively as we wanted it too 

Thursday, 17 October 2013


We created a pitch to share and promote our ideas to our class to get back helpful feedback to improve our music video

Stop motion animation

This is an experiment we did in order to have more practice and discover more techniques for our music video

Monday, 7 October 2013


To advertise and pitch our idea to the group we are going to do a short 3-5 minute video to present our ideas. We will include in this video information and to what song we are using by who and when it was made, what ideas we have and are going to use within the video etc